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Mag Series

The Kopfjäger Mag Series offers a groundbreaking solution for shooters looking to optimize their rifle handling experience. Designed to offer the mobility of a ball mount without sacrificing stability, this magnet-based shooting solution allows unprecedented stability and control, promising a significant improvement in your shooting performance.

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Hellbound Grip

The Reaper Hellbound is an honest, straightforward weapon grip for the hunter who values mechanical simplicity without sacrificing Kopfjäger's strength and recoil control. Featuring the same vice-like grip of Kopfjäger's original Reaper, the Hellbound is both lighter and simpler to use than its counterpart

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When locked into Place, the Ambush positions your rifle perfectly right above the blind's window ledge and gives shooters, especially youth and disabled hunters, the confidence they need to take precision shots when they matter most.

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Reaper Grip

Providing unshakeable, fatigue-free stability in high-stakes situations,Reaper Gripshooting rests keep rifles of all kinds steady for their operators.

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Ideal for long-Distance hunters, law enforcement snipers and all types of shooters in between, Kopfjager was established by SWAT members to hold up to the harsh demands of their everyday work.

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