First, K.I.L. Strap stands for “Kopfjäger Immobilizing Loop Strap.”

“Keep it simple, stupid.” Growing up, this was my stepfather’s mantra, at least for us boys—he was kind enough to eliminate the last “S” for our step-sisters.

And, I must’ve had a hard time grasping his KISS method to everything because, at every turn, he hurled his reminder clear up until I went to Marine Corps boot camp.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone in his mentorship. I heard it constantly from my high school coach and relentlessly still from my drill instructors through three months of Hell! That said, there must be something to it, right?

There is. I finally learned. More often than not, we complicate things—tasks, processes, rationale, the list goes on.

So, when I was asked to author a how-to on the Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap, my first focus was (and is) to keep it simple. Sure, it looks complicated but at the end of the day, it’s not; after all, it’s a strap, nothing more. Read on…


Setting up the K.I.L. Strap is simple.

How to Set Up the Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap

Setting up the K.I.L. Strap is, say it with me… “SIMPLE.” To begin, you simply need your tripod, rifle and a two-point (traditional) sling.

The web-constructed K.I.L. Strap features a stirrup (loop) strap on one end and paracord on the other. As one may guess, the stirrup is for the shooter’s foot.

The paracord attaches to the top of the tripod above the mounting plate but below the Reaper Grip, Reaper Rail or another precision rest of your choice.

To attach the K.I.L. Strap to your tripod, simply remove the precision-rest assembly from the top of the tripod’s mounting plate, lay the looped paracord over the top of the mounting plate, ensure the paracord is set around the outside of the mounting plate, not on it where it can be pinched, and re-install your precision-rest assembly.

The K.I.L. Strap further enhances effective shot placement.

Next, install your rifle or crossbow with the two-point sling attached to your Reaper Grip, Reaper Rail or other precision rest. Attach the K.I.L. Strap’s D-ring to the sling just above your sling’s forward adjustment buckle.

Once you’ve accomplished this, the K.I.L. Strap is attached to your setup at two points, the tripod head and the rifle sling. Only a third point of contact remains—your foot.

Lift up on the K.I.L. Strap’s adjustment buckle to loosen and pull most of the strap out to create extra slack.

Stand behind your rifle and tripod combination, slip what will be your back foot into the stirrup, get into a shooting position with your rifle stock in your shoulder and then pull down on the portion of the strap leading to the stirrup, just below the strap’s adjustment buckle.

As you pull, you’ll feel the slack coming out of the K.I.L. Strap. Continue to pull until the strap is tight. As you do, you’ll also feel the forward portion of your rifle, where the K.I.L. Strap is attached to the sling pull downward while the stock of the rifle in your shoulder begins pushing upward.

With the strap tight enough to feel these opposing forces, lock down the adjustment buckle. You’re ready to use the K.I.L. Strap.

Using the Strap

The Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap is specifically designed to anchor your tripod to the ground and enhance your supported position.

Kopfjäger’s combination of a tripod-mounted precision rest, whether you opt for a Reaper Grip or Reaper Rail, is designed to provide fatigue-free, rock-solid shooting for more effective shot placement in virtually any situation.

The K.I.L. Strap further enhances effective shot placement to the point of precision shooting, especially using a Reaper Rail where shooters also are able to adjust cant. The resulting performance of the rest and K.I.L. Strap, given a veteran shooter, capable firearm and good ammunition is long-range precision shooting from an ultra-comfortable, unshakeable standing position.

To employ the K.I.L. Strap, ensure you’re behind the rifle with the stock shouldered and your back foot, according to your shooting position, is in the stirrup.

Once you’re in position, slide your stirruped-foot backward to further tighten your position. You’ll feel the opposing forces of the forend pulling down and the stock lifting to a tighter position in your shoulder.

You’ll also feel the tripod anchoring to the ground—this is similar to what precision shooters refer to as loading a bipod.

Given the right tension of the firearm, tripod, strap and shooter, as well as pan-drag-resistance and locked-in precision-rest elevation of your rest and tripod head, results in unmatched stability from a standing shooting position. 

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