With Kopfjäger’s plethora of parts and accessories, first-time tripod users may find their new Kopfjäger kits a tad intimidating. The truth is, Kopfjäger systems are designed to be intuitive and straightforward. However, for those who prefer step-by-step instructions, this article may prove beneficial.

We begin by selecting our tripod head. As of this writing, users can choose between the Reaper Grip, the Reaper Rail, or the Reaper Hellbound. Each of these grips offers unique advantages tailored to various firearm systems.

The Reaper Grip is the most versatile option among the trio. Featuring claw-shaped clamps, it can adapt to fit the unique shapes of most rifles. With the Small Arms Adapter, the Reaper Grip can even accommodate thinner youth rifles and pistols.

For users opting for the Reaper Rail, there are two systems available, depending on the required mounting system - picatinny and Arca-Swiss variants. The Reaper Rail securely attaches the user’s compatible rail to the tripod head, enabling shooters to slide their rifles forward or backward on the rails without compromising stability.

The Reaper Hellbound, on the other hand, is a no-frills option with a simple saddle structure. Its straightforward design allows it to fit a wide variety of firearms without the need for a small arms adapter, although it lacks the pivoting curved grip of its Reaper Grip counterpart.

Now, let's move on to the assembly process. Begin by attaching the control arm to the head. Simply screw the control arm into the saddle base/clamp. Remember, the control arm is reverse threaded, so screw it in counterclockwise. The control arms only needs a small amount of torque, so avoid overtightening the control arm to prevent damage to your grip.

Loosening the control arm/handle allows the user to make smoother vertical adjustments.

Next, attach the head to the tripod.

On the Reaper Grip and Reaper Rail, locate the locking pin on the side of your tripod head. You should be able to pull it out to expose the silver locking nut. This nut should only be exposed when the head is attached to the tripod. However, during assembly and disassembly, the nut should remain hidden under the black pin housing. Screw the tripod head onto the base plate, then thread it onto the tripod clockwise.

The locking pin should be in the unlocked position when in use, and in the locked position when attaching and detaching from the tripod.


Before proceeding, tighten the center column with the center column stopper and the center column locking nut to prevent any lateral movement.

Once the mounting head is attached, pull back on the locking pin and twist it slightly to expose the locking nut to secure it. You can now freely rotate your mounting head right and left with the control arm without detaching the head. The knob opposite the locking pin is the drag screw, which can be tightened for more resistance. Be warned that if the locking nut is not exposed, you could potentially unscrew your tripod head from the tripod.

To remove the head from your tripod, ensure your locking pin is engaged and rotate the head counterclockwise.

The Hellbound, on the other hand, is a fairly straightforward system. Tighten the drag adjustment knob all the way and screw the head onto your tripod clockwise. To secure it, slightly loosen the drag adjustment knob, which will enable you to pan the head left and right.


When mounting your rifle to the tripod, ensure the tripod legs and grip are locked. Place your weapon’s handguard in the rest, adjust it until it feels natural and comfortable, then tighten down the grip until it's snug.

Remember, following these steps ensures a secure and stable setup for your Kopfjäger Rest.

In conclusion, mastering the setup of your Kopfjäger Rest not only guarantees stability during your shooting sessions but also enhances the overall hunting experience. With the straightforward assembly process outlined in this guide, users can confidently adapt their tripod to suit various firearm systems, ensuring stability and precision in every shot. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a beginner venturing into the world of hunting, a properly assembled Kopfjäger Rest promises reliability and consistency in the field. Happy hunting!

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