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Stalking Stability

Stalking Stability

Contributed by Brian Noonan


Hunting has transformed from 200 years ago to what it is today. Most hunters sit themselves in a blind for hours on end, focusing their time on the months prior setting up feeders, prepping hayfields, and building jon boats. However, the concept of a stalk is far from extinct in the outdoor community. Climbing through the treacherous Rocky Mountains of Colorado for miles, cautiously walking heel-to-toe for hours through a coniferous forest, or even packing gear from your truck to the hunting hole is a stalk to us.  

Importance of Breath Control 

There are a few things in life that we can’t live without. Water, food, and a little thing called oxygen. A good marksman knows how to control their breaths on the trigger, but when the crosshairs are locked in on a trophy that would look great hung up in a living room, it’s much easier said than done. Slowly inhale through the nose, feeling your nostrils flare up while your chest is filled with both oxygen and nerves. You are holding your full lungs for two seconds hoping to calm the nerves, and then slowly releasing through the mouth. Feel your shoulders drop, your tongue falls from the roof of your mouth, and find the calmness at the end of your oxygen high to pull the trigger. 

Now, imagine you just hiked for 4 miles up and down 6000 feet of elevation. Do you think that it’s going to be as easy to find that state of relaxation as you would sitting on your couch?  

Supplement to Breathing 

Everyone has different cardiovascular capabilities and hunting methods that get them winded, but no matter how you get to that point, a lack of oxygen is detrimental to your shot. We can control our breathing as much as we put our minds to, but there are so many other factors in the ten-second window of an opportunity that makes the sport of hunting a challenge. There is a single solution that can guarantee more confidence in your stability and breath work, and that’s a sturdy tripod.   

Some people argue that carrying the extra weight of a tripod while moving would increase the heart rate too much and the tripod would cause more harm than not. However, the Kopfjäger K800 is made with a carbon-fiber composite material, weighing less than 4 pounds. The ability to have a full stability system for less than 2% of the average male body weight in the United States provides the single largest benefit… a confident shot.  

Beyond the Walk 

The importance of breathing assistance extends far further than those who partake in long stalks. Sitting in a ground blind can also spark many challenges in breath work relative to shooting stability. If not trained to do so, shouldering a rifle of any sort takes large amounts of attention that takes away from the concentration of oxygen flow. Having a tripod that lets you pan, tilt, and adjust as if your weapon was shouldered allows the shooter to calm the nerves to lock in on a precision shot. Quality tripods like the Kopfjäger K800 provide the stability and confidence you need to harvest that trophy for your living room wall. 

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