Reaper Grip System

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    The rock-solid Reaper Grip Upper Assembly is an easy add on accessory, yet essential for mounting directly on top of a ball-joint style tripod system with 3/8-16 threaded stud provides the same unshakeable stability as the Reaper Grip system. With no comparisons the Reaper Grip maximizes proper shooting techniques outside of the supported prone position. The Reaper Grip will anchor down most tapered and straight stocks and chassis with the non-slip grip sleeve. The Reaper Grip Upper Assembly also includes a thread insert to mount on ¼-20 inch threaded studs.

    US Pat. D772372S1

    Included in Package

    • Camera thread adapter

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    • Adjustable locking grip fits most straight and tapered stocks and chassis
    • Provides a sturdy base for long-range precision shooting
    • Heavy-duty construction is designed to tackle harsh environments
    • Smooth 360° pan and tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down)
    • Offset grip design allows for magazine changes with the rifle mounted and provides easy manipulation
    • Assembled in the USA

    EXPORT CONTROL NOTICE: This product is controlled for export and in-country transfer under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). division contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

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    Weight 2.5 / 1134 lbs/g
    Material Aluminum
    Dimensions 6.84 x 6.04 x 6.57 / 174 x 153 x 167 in/mm
    Vise width range 1.5 - 2.9 / 40 - 71 in/mm
    Pan Rotation Angle 360 degrees
    Vertical Rotation Angle 87 Down, 21 Up degrees
    Mounting 3/8" - 16 Threaded Hole