K.I.L. Strap

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    Designed by serious shooters for serious shooters, the K.I.L. Strap helps military personnel, hunters, LEO and precision shooters better manage recoil, fight fatigue and stay accurately on target by adding an additional weight point to the Kopfjäger Reaper Grip System and tripod. Simply attach the nylon K.I.L. Strap carabiner onto your tripod and use the loop to anchor the strap onto the ground with your foot. The flexible support system holds a max weight limit of 55 lbs. and eliminates slack from your gun and tripod.

    US Pat. 10473265

    Included in Package

    • Carabiner

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    • Improves stability and accuracy by anchoring your tripod down
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Eliminates slack from the gun and tripod

    EXPORT CONTROL NOTICE: This product is controlled for export and in-country transfer under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). division contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

    Weight .35 / 5.6 lbs/g
    Material Nylon
    Strap Size 1 in
    Max Foot Strap Length Range 55 in
    Paracord Weight Limit 550 lbs