Replacement Grip Sleeves

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    Kopfjäger offers Replacement Grip Sleeves for the industry favorite, Reaper Grip. The sleeves are crafted out of a durable PVC material and weigh in at just 26 grams. The Replacement Grip Sleeves can also be layered over existing sleeves on Reaper Grips to provide more grip towards smaller diameter rifles. The replacement sleeve is also compatible with Kopfjäger’s Ambush.

    Included in Package

    • Grip Sleeves

    Product Downloads


    • Grip sleeves for Reaper Grip and Ambush
    • Can be doubled up to Reaper Grip for small diameter rifles
    • Compatible with Reaper Grip and Ambush

    California Disclaimer

    Weight .06 / 26 lbs/g
    Material PVC
    Dimensions, in/mm 4.1 x .39 x 2.3 / 104 x 10 x 58