21st century life is fantastically complicated. When we wake up each morning, family, friends and employers expect us to perform dozens of risky, complicated tasks to function in society. For law enforcement, even more is demanded.

Our higher-order brain functions are taxed like none of our ancestors ever experienced. Energy-draining temptations, distractions and daily foibles are more numerous than ever.

Simply stated, modern humans have extremely demanding lives. If there is one profession where those demands are intensified, it is law enforcement. 

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Support Law Enforcement

What are the daily demands of, let’s say, a construction worker? Waking up, eating and getting dressed are not especially draining activities for most people.

However, driving to work is remarkable stressful, and any commute over 15 minutes is considered detrimental to your health. Increased pulse rate, blood pressure, anxiety and general sicklieness are a direct result of wielding a 1,000lb+ metal machine that travels 4-5x the maximum speed any human is capable of running – and the average American commute is 26.1 minutes.

Surprised? Now, let’s say the construction worker works on a high-rise, or a forklift, or on a highway road crew, with even more dangerous machines…their daily stress factors have just multiplied.

Difficult coworkers, demanding bosses and dangerous conditions only add to the stress.

And what happens after a long day of laboring in the sun? The worker drives home and then deals with the stresses of home life: laundry, dishes, family obligations and bills, to name a few.

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Law Enforcement Stress

Given this information, wouldn’t you want every American construction worker to be as healthy as possible? Now, what about the uniformed police officers who deal with a multitude of unique, challenging situations every single day?

Aren’t their jobs more consequential, and complicated, than a construction worker’s? They respond to domestic calls, neighborly disputes, vehicle accidents, vandalism, assaults, robberies and shootings, with each situation bringing unique circumstances.

There are different types of offenders, victims, locations, offenses and applicable laws a police officer must be familiar with. On top of all that, police officers carry, on average, 20-30lbs of gear which includes flashlights, tasers, handcuffs and firearms.

To say the law enforcement profession is among the most demanding, stressful jobs in the world would be to state a fact.

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Would it then surprise you that police officers have the highest suicide rate of any profession? Or how about 25% of all police officers have an alcohol or drug abuse issue?

Eight out of ten police officers is overweight. According to webmd.com, 40% of all police officers have a sleep disorder.

These statistics are not meant to degrade law enforcement, but to highlight that their jobs are stressful and they don’t always receive the institutional support they need.

Combine all these factors, plus the fact officers carry firearms and wield considerable authority, and it is no understatement that American society must do more to support our beloved brothers and sisters in blue. 

How does Kopfjäger help?

Modern life is stressful; Law enforcement life is extremely stressful. A single article, a rehabilitation program, a new series of laws and guidelines…none of these can fix the stress problems for law enforcement.

Kopfjäger, the law-enforcement loving, highly-trusted specialty brand of choice for police officers, cannot solve these problems – but we can help.

One of the least-addressed but most difficult parts of being a police officer is dealing with stand-offs. Whether a police officer is perched on the roof of a building, sitting in a car for umpteen hours or manning a traffic barricade, they are involved in some flavor of ‘stand-off’.

Sometimes the police must watch a bad guy, monitor a dangerous situation or simply maintain the status quo until back-up arrives. That is time-consuming, frustrating, dangerous and, you guessed it, stressful.

law enforcement stress

So how does Kopfjäger help? First, we endorse a healthy lifestyle for all our customers. Whatever your profession, you should eat a balanced diet, exercise 3-4 times each week and sleep 8 hours every night.

We know not all stress can be mitigated, and some stress can even be healthy, so we encourage our customers to live their best life. Aside from healthy habits, we encourage our customers to form healthy hobbies such as sports, hiking, meditation or simply long walks on the beach.

We want officers who use our products during stand-offs to be rested, clear-headed, sound in judgment and body and mind.

Kopfjäger Support

Our second line of help comes directly from our products. Kopfjäger’s objective is all about support – our K700 and K800 tripods are powerful, flexible and durable.

During a long standoff, a police officer might hold their patrol rifle in the ‘ready’ position for hours and hours. This is unbelievably draining on someone’s arms. After 10 minutes, the barrel of the rifle will inevitably drop an inch, and then another, and another…until the police officer is no longer at ‘the ready’.

When the time comes to discharge their firearm, they won’t be completely prepared and focused to pull the trigger. This could result in a missed shot, or worse, receiving fire without being able to return it.

With the K700 or K800, the officer can fully manipulate their rifle without having to bear its weight for untold hours. This is a huge benefit for people whose shooting precision can mean the difference between life or death.  

support tripod
A Kopfjäger Tripod

The legendary Kopfjäger Reaper Grip also supports law enforcement during stand-offs. Due to hand-and-mind fatigue, a rifle held by an officer may cant, or tilt, to one side or the other.

This off-center drifting results in reduced precision and reaction time, with potentially disastrous results. With the Kopfjäger Reaper Grip, a rifle stays secured in its proper position until the time comes to ‘fire’.

The Kopfjäger Reaper Grip System

Kopfjäger also recognizes police officers must sometimes secure their weapon near a window. There is no better product for securing a rifle to a window than the Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit.

This product (with included Reaper Grip) secures a rifle to the interior of a window. And with its included bipod, securely grips the wall and dramatically increases shooting stability.           

Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest

Protect Those Who Protect All

Modern American life has no shortage of stress. Even if you’re an office worker, teacher, doctor or lawyer, you need to manage stress in a healthy way.

Mistakes made by non-law-enforcement people can still have detrimental effects on society. A wrong prescription, wrong order number, wrong legal brief…the possibilities for mistakes are always present for everyone.

For law enforcement, however, mistakes are far more sever and life-altering. That’s why Kopfjäger stands firmly behind our brethren in blue. Kopfjäger makes products that support police officers in the line of duty, products that lessen fatigue and maximize effectiveness.

We believe a strong law enforcement presence is the best entity to conduct a peaceful, lawful society. Kopfjäger also believes police officers are flawed humans, like anyone else, and they make mistakes.

Our mission at Kopfjäger is to reduce the risk of making mistakes to almost zero. In doing so, we help build and protect a safe, beautiful country for everyone to embrace.