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Most deer hunters in the USA use blinds. For certain people, sitting in a blind is the only option. Spot-and-stalk hunting can be difficult for children, the elderly or those who are handicapped. The answer? The Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit.

Many private and public hunting areas require hunting to be conducted from assigned blinds.

Because of the limited space in most hunting blinds, it may be difficult to set up a tripod. Hunters commonly rest their guns on the window ledge or shoot off-hand, both of which compromise shooting stability.

The Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit solves these problems by improving stability while simultaneously reducing fatigue for the shooter.

The Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest

The Ambush Shooting Rest Kit

The Ambush’s rock-solid design is weight-locked when set in place and sits the firearm above the window ledge. This ensures that the hunter can go from hands-free to ready to shoot in the blink of an eye.

The full Ambush Kit includes the Ambush Support Assembly, the famous Reaper Grip System and a 7-10” bipod, making it ready to go out of the box.

Hunters that already possess a Reaper Grip or Reaper Rest and a bipod can purchase the Support Assembly separately. They can then piece it together themselves, reducing the overall expense of the system.

The Ambush is portable and no modifications need to be done to the deer-stand to mount the system. The system retains all the Reaper Grip’s features such as a user-friendly offset grip, a hinge that has a pan rotation angle of 360 degrees and a tilt range up to 109 degrees (21 degrees up, 87 degrees down). This ensures the best positioning for the shooter.

CNC machined from durable and lightweight aluminum; the Ambush assembly weighs only 1.2lbs (4.2lbs when you add a Reaper Grip and bipod). The system features a 3/8”-16 mounting hole and camera adapter. The full Ambush Shooting Rest Kit retails for $499.97 while the Ambush Support Assembly can be purchased separately for $99.97.

reaper grip
The Kopfjäger Reaper Grip

Ambush Shooting Rest Benefits

The increased stability provided by the Ambush benefits everybody, not just children or disabled hunters. Hunters will always be more precise when shooting from a rest instead of shooting off-hand, free-float or resting their rifles on a window ledge.

The extra space freed up by the Ambush ensures that you are not stumbling and making noise while preparing or moving a tripod in a blind. This could possibly scare off deer and ruin your chances of a successful harvest.

Many of us do not have the time or money to go on multiple hunts throughout the season. We all know what it feels like to miss a shot. Resources like the Ambush can increase your chances of a successful shot this deer-hunting season.