While Kopfjäger tripods are great for providing a stable platform for shooting while standing, they are can also be used for shooting from the prone position or in non-standard shooting positions. In case you left your bipod in the truck or if you don’t own one at all, Kopfjäger tripods are designed to be used in all positions, including sitting and prone.

To set up your Kopfjäger tripod for prone shooting, take off the long, cylindrical center column from the bottom. Afterwards, remove the disc-shaped center column base stopper and cover the tripod base with it. This hook at the base of the center column is usually for the Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap but is unnecessary for prone shooting. Once your center column has been removed, you can collapse your tripod to a level comfortable for you by pulling out your tripod's angle adjustment locks and spreading its legs out, bringing the tripod low into a prone position.

A Kopfjäger tripod's angle adjustment locks can keep its legs from extending out all the way.

A Kopfjäger tripod used in the prone position.


At other times, you might find a downward slope that looks like a good place to sit and wait for game to show up. Maybe there's a watering hole 50 yards away, and you're hidden by reeds on a hill sloping downwards toward it. In such cases, your Kopfjäger tripod is your go-to for stability. No matter how bumpy the ground is, you can adjust the tripod's legs to support you. Simply extend the front down the slope, and you've got a solid platform, better than a bipod. (See image for reference)

Note how the tripod's front leg is fully extended on the downward slope.

In addition, using a tripod frees up your hands and allows you to scan the area more effectively. With the vise-like grip of the Kopfjäger Reaper Grip, you can keep your gun seated on the tripod and quickly switch to your scope or binoculars without losing your stability. This enhanced field of view can be critical for spotting game and taking precise shots.

Tripods also reduce fatigue. Hunting often involves long hours of waiting and observing. Holding your rifle for extended periods can lead to fatigue and muscle tremors. A tripod takes the weight off your arms, reducing fatigue and helping you maintain accuracy until the moment of truth.

Treat your tripod like a trusty sidekick. It's stable, adaptable, and eliminates a lot of the human error of free-hand shooting. Plus, it helps you stay alert and ready, making it an essential tool for hunters of all levels.


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