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Stand Hunting with the Kopfjäger Ambush

Stand Hunting with the Kopfjäger Ambush

Picture this: it’s winter and you're nestled in your cozy deer stand, the anticipation building as you await your quarry. Then you see it: an enormous 20-point buck, a freak of nature made for the cover of an outdoor magazine, about a hundred yards from the stand. The shot would be doable if your crosshair wasn’t jumping between the sky and the creature’s foot. You realize you’ve been hit by a bad case of buck fever, and your hands won’t obey your brain shouting at it to just stay still. The monster buck turns slowly and looks at you with contempt before throwing its head back in disappointment. As it walks away back into the woods, you curse yourself for not bringing your Kopfjäger Ambush.

A good hunter is silent, accurate, and patient, much like a sniper. As it is, the four basic rules for proper positioning from the US Army’s Sniper Training manual apply quite well to hunting.

  1. Use any support available.
  2. Avoid touching the support with the barrel of the weapon since it interferes with barrel harmonics and reduces accuracy.
  3. Use a cushion between the weapon and the support to prevent slippage of the weapon.
  4. Use the prone supported position whenever possible.

Except for the fourth rule, all these concepts apply to the civilian hunter. Although the average outdoorsman and his 4-round bolt action rifle aren’t expected to take out a game animal at 500 yards, the same accuracy and stealth valued by snipers are still essential to the civilian hunter waiting five hours in a weather-worn deer stand to take one shot at a tiny organ like a nine inch lung at a hundred yards.

For stability, most hunters choose to rest their rifles on the ledges of their hunting stands. The problem is that hunting stands, while fantastic for concealment, often come with space limitations. You might find yourself contorted like a pretzel, trying to fit your body and rifle into the available space and banging it against the walls, making unnatural noises that scare animals away.

You make even more noise if you’re not careful about setting your rifle on the ledge of your stand’s windowsill. In addition, if you’re resting your barrel on the windowsill, you are in violation of the second rule of proper positioning: “avoid touching the support with the barrel of the weapon since it interferes with barrel harmonics and reduces accuracy.”

What’s more, hunting stands don't come with ergonomic chairs and custom shooting benches. You might be perched on a foldable stool or even sitting on the ground. This means more fumbling, more banging your rifle barrel against the stand, and more noise.

Even if you do manage to get your weapon in a proper position pointed downrange, you might grow complacent and doze off while looking down your sights (I know I have.) Prey animals have an uncanny ability to appear when you least expect it. Imagine being jolted awake by the sudden appearance of a buck or a pig. Your rifle would be pointed the right way, sure, but your muscles would also ache from being in that position for hours, leading to poor control of your weapon.

Despite the perception that shooting from a stand is the easiest way to hunt, it still requires skill and precision. Tools like the Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit have emerged to address these challenges head-on, offering hunters a reliable solution to maintain stability, reduce human error, and enhance the chances of hitting our targets.

The Ambush Shooting Rest Kit is your secret weapon to achieving rock-solid stability. With its 7-10” bipod and an arm that grips your hunting stand's wall like a vise, your rifle will be perched perfectly above the window ledge. Its fine-tuned panning makes for precise, steady shooting, even with shaky hands from the worst cases of buck fever.

Resting on the adjustable reaper grip attachment, no part of your rifle barrel will ever need to make contract with any surface. No more wobbly shots or awkward stances – you'll be ready to take that perfect shot from any position.

The Ambush Shooting Rest Kit isn't just a one-trick pony. With its camera thread adapter, you can deck it out with all sorts of cool accessories like the Reaper Grip Rest or Reaper Rail System. Your kit can evolve as your hunting needs change, making it your trusty sidekick for years to come whether it’s for hunting or wildlife photography.

The Kopfjäger Ambush is a game-changer for young sharpshooters and hunters with disabilities too. It provides the support and stability needed to level the playing field, giving everyone a shot (pun intended) at a successful hunt.

With the Ambush Shooting Rest Kit by your side, you'll be the talk of the hunting camp, and your friends will be wondering how you turned into such a sharpshooting legend. Get ready to take your hunt to a whole new level – the Ambush way!

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